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Ecological Services

Golder's integrated team of ecologists and science and engineering specialists provide ecological solutions to a wide range of industries, effectively balancing the complex environmental, social and economic factors presented with development projects.

From pre-development baseline to biodiversity offsetting programs and rehabilitation design and construction, Golder’s ecologists are intrinsic throughout the life of a project. Golder's worldwide ecological expertise spans every environment -- freshwater, wetland, marine and terrestrial. Pipelines, parklands, highways, mines, infrastructure, power and waste management -- every project offers an opportunity to find an ecologically sustainable solution.

We employ industry best practices and sophisticated geographic information systems (GIS) and other modelling software and technology to collect and analyse data for sound project planning, risk management and program design. Our teams also include regulatory specialists and social scientists who can assist with regulatory and socio-economic requirements.

Ecologically Sound Solutions

Golder is renowned for developing sound inventory and monitoring programs and impact assessments, which contribute to design early in the life of a project. Golder’s use of integrated, multi-disciplinary teams anticipate environmental challenges early and identify sustainable solutions.

Examples of Golder's more specialised ecological services include:

  • Aquatic and terrestrial species inventories and monitoring
  • Stream, wetland and lake monitoring
  • Vegetative mapping
  • Habitat delineation, functional assessment and permitting
  • Habitat mitigation and offsetting planning and design
  • Rare species screening, inventories, permitting and monitoring
  • Environmental impact assessments
  • Water quality monitoring, analysis and treatment
  • Instream flow needs techniques including incremental methodology,
  • Management plans and policy development
  • Biodiversity action plans

Global Network, Local Solutions

Collaboration among Golder's 8,000 professionals enable team members to tap into knowledge networks of the multiple scientific disciplines across Golder's 180 offices located in Africa, Asia, Australia, Europe, North America and South America.

Golder's ecologists interact with virtually every service team within the company, such as the following service areas:

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