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We provide specialist services during the feasibility, design, construction and operations phases of all modes of transportation systems:

  • roads and highways
  • railways
  • mass transit
  • airports
  • marine transport and ports

We have developed and delivered successful projects worldwide, for private transportation companies, governments at national, regional and local levels, transportation agencies and consulting and design firms.

We help our transportation clients identify, mitigate and manage risk, including ground engineering risk, environmental and financial risk, with services such as  environmental impact assessments, tunnelling and rock engineering, geotechnical and environmental monitoring and, construction inspection and testing.   Our goal is to improve project cost-effectiveness, reduce operating costs, optimise sustainability, and enhance human health, social and environmental compatibility.

For more information, contact:
Paul Kennedy
t. +64 9 486 8068 (Auckland office)

Clive Anderson
t. +64 3 377 5696 (Christchurch office)

Associated Projects

Seaford Rail OVB Launch completed 3 Sept 2012.jpg

Seaford Rail Extension
South Australia, Australia


Toowoomba Range Rail
Queensland, Australia

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