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Finance, Insurance, Real Estate and Legal (FIRL)

Our global team provides clients 24/7 consultancy services that bridge the business application of science and engineering with expert advice and pragmatic solutions related to environment, health, safety and sustainability.

  • Finance: Due diligence, project risk and feasibility reviews
  • Insurance: Liability evaluations and investigations on contaminated lands, releases and legacy impacts
  • Real Estate: Asset and property management of portfolios through industrial hygiene, asbestos, mould and hazardous materials sampling, Environment Health and Safety (EHS) programs and regulatory issues
  • Legal: we work  with counsel on investigations, expert witness presentations and compliance reviews providing the input necessary for legal decisions to be made with confidence

For more information, contact:
Brendon Love
t. +64 7 928 5335

Associated Projects


Babcock Ranch Environmental Site Assessment
Charlotte and Lee Counties, Florida, USA


Jacksonville Shipyards Due Diligence
Jacksonville, Florida, USA

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Software Development

At Golder, we have developed industry leading software programs that we routinely use for the assessment of key environmental issues affecting our clients. Some of these software programs include the following:

Sustainability decision support tool.
Click here to learn more.

Groundwater Risk Assessment Tool for Contaminated Land
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