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Designing and Permitting a Regional Stormwater Facility

Brookhaven, Atlanta, Georgia, USA

Client Dekalb County
Industries Water, Resources
Services Surface Water/Sediments

Reduce flooding in a residential neighborhood

Our Role
In designing and permitting the Drew Valley Regional Stormwater Management Facility, we designed it to minimize upstream flood impacts while achieving downstream flood reductions. The structure reduces downstream discharge during the 10-year storm event by approximately 70 percent, protecting homes that were previously in the 10-year storm event floodplain. Golder's design restored the floodplain at a junction of two streams, which was removed during suburban development in the 1950's. Approximately 325 linear feet of stream channel and 1.6 acres of wetlands were re-created. Significant planning and design efforts focused on landscaping and overall aesthetics of the area, including a walking trail, stacked stone retaining wall, iron fence, and a water feature to harmonize the surrounding natural area with the functions of the flood control facility.

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