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Annual Environmental Audits

USA and Canada

Client RREEF
Industries FIRL
Services Health & Safety, Industrial Hygiene, M&A & Due Diligence Consulting, Property Development/Redevelopment, Site Remediation, /EHS Compliance Systems

Since 2000, Golder has provided Annual Environmental Audits (AEAs) of commercial properties managed by RREEF for their institutional investor clients.  The properties include industrial/warehouse, business park, office, and retail properties.

Our Role

Golder provides staff who are experienced in a variety of tenant operations encountered during an AEA site visit, which can range from general sales and administrative services to complex industrial operations, such as chip manufacturing for the semiconductor industry.

Before each site visit, Golder reviews past AEA reports, environmental permits, and Phase I Environmental Site Assessments to develop current conditions comparisons, identify environmental concerns, and provide recommendations for improving property management. During the visit, Golder reviews the interior and exterior of the property for environmental concerns, primarily with respect to the tenant's usage and storage of hazardous substances, petroleum products, and the handling of hazardous waste and industrial wastewater discharges. A visual review for water intrusion and mold growth is also conducted. Other issues reviewed include asbestos, PCBs, and pesticides. At the conclusion of each visit, Golder prepares an AEA report and updates RREEF's web-based Environmental Management Information System (EMIS). The EMIS update includes Golder's findings and recommendations for further investigation or corrective action. Based on our recommendations, RREEF implements an appropriate response and course of action.

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