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Biosecurity response to a foreign fishing vessel wreck in NZ

Bay of Islands, New Zealand

Client Northland Regional Council
Industries Water, Resource, Transport
Services Assessment of the extent of biofouling and the coordination and implementation of sample collection and handling.

Biofouling communities were observed on the hard surfaces of a foreign floating shipwreck.  Shellfish, barnacles, algae, crabs, urchins, seastars and fish were representatively sampled, identified and a risk assessment undertaken to determine the level of threat by potentially foreign species to the New Zealand marine environment.

Our Role
Rapid response coordination and implementation of a representative sampling event.  Sample processing was also undertaken and included rough-sorting into key groups before sending away for expert identification.  Staff worked in collaboration with MAF Biosecurity New Zealand to undertake the risk assessment and provided recommendations to the client.

While several non-indigenous species were detected in the samples, it was concluded that the threat to the New Zealand marine environment was very low and that as a result, no specific follow-up surveillance would be required.

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