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Geophysical Investigation at Historic Green River Bridge

Washington State Route 169, Washington, USA

Client Washington State Department of Transportation
Industries Transportation
Services Geophysics

Landslides are active on the east side of the south bridge abutment. Due to the potential instability of the sediments surrounding the abutment, WSDOT needed to assess whether the abutment footing was founded on bedrock or the overlying sandy gravel overburden. The investigation was to assess the long-term stability of the bridge in the presence of an active landslide. The objective of the geophysical survey was to help determine as-built conditions of the historic bridge.

Our Role
Golder conducted a geophysical investigation to accurately determine the depth to sandstone bedrock and the depth of the abutment. This information will help ascertain whether slope stabilization measures are necessary for long-term stability of the abutment. We used a combination of high-resolution seismic refraction tomography, ground penetrating radar (GPR), and non-destructive testing methods to acquire the necessary information on both the bridge pile and the soils surrounding the bridge.

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