Oil & Gas (#95)

Oil & Gas

Continued growth in the demand for energy and dwindling conventional reserves has led to new oil and gas resources in some of the more challenging "unconventional" environmental and geologic settings. These include the Alberta oil sands, arctic offshore, and the dramatic emergence of shale gas and oil in North America and beyond, all of...Read more

Tekla Taylor Discusses Water Management Approaches in the Oil and Gas Industry

Developing tight sand and shale reservoirs involves hydraulic fracturing technology, which uses high-pressure...

Oil Companies Come Together To Conduct Greenland Social Baseline Study Prior To Exploration

Petroleum Contamination Cleanup Calls For Source Removal, Chemical Oxidation Treatment

Pond Construction Is Part of Water Treatment For LNG From Coal Seam Gas Facility In Australia

Syncrude EIMS To Deliver A Unified Picture Of Environmental Obligations

GoldSET-Spatial Helps Identify, Analyse Most Sustainable Siting Options For Industrial Park

When seeking a preliminary site selection to determine the optimal locations for three proposed petrochemical plants...

Pipeline Crossings in Mountainous Areas Call For Innovative Geotechnical Solutions

Transporting crude oil and natural gas from oil sands and shale gas resources to customer markets often means routing...

News from Golder

NEW PG&E CONTRACT Golder has signed a contract with Pacific Gas and Electric (PG&E) in the Western US to be...

Golder Partners with the Danish Meteorological Institute for Ice and Metocean Services

The initial focus of the recently announced Memorandum of Understanding between Golder and the Danish Meteorological...

Golder Releases Sustainable Development Report

Driven by our purpose to "engineer earth's development" while "preserving earth's integrity," we...

Golder Sought by Refineries as Benzene Waste Operations NESHAP Consultant


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